93. Just Enjoy Health

with Dr. Meghan Birt

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Dr. Meghan Birt is a chiropractor, educator, and healthy living encourager. She’s also a wife and mom to two sweet girls. Dr. Meghan’s love of natural health started many years before getting her chiropractic degree. Healthy food and nutrition was the catalyst into becoming a chiropractor and she was able to achieve healing in her own body through natural means. Dr. Meghan wants to inspire a love of natural health in women and believes every individual has the opportunity to live their healthiest life possible. She’s also on a mission to simplify healthy living for busy women so they can begin to just enjoy food, just enjoy health, and just enjoy life.

You can find Dr. Meghan at www.meghanbirt.com and on the Just Enjoy Health Podcast.

Meghan began to explore healthy living, along with her mom, at the age of 17. She started reading books and educating herself but quickly noticed that there was an abundance of information, some that was contradicatictory.  Through furthering her education with chiropractic school, Megan realized that our bodies are bio-individual and different things will work better for some than others. Of course, there are some universal ideas that are true for everyone (ie. inflammatory foods should be avoided, a diet lower in sugar) but the journey to health is a personal one.  Meghan’s goal is to take our complex health and simplify it so that it’s not overwhelming and you take no action at all.

When Meghan was 18, she went on a mission trip to Mexico and contracted a parasite.  Almost immediately, she began feeling bloated and exhausted. Meghan didn’t know that she was ill and struggled through the pain and exhaustion from living with the parasite while completing chiropractic school.   At the end of chiropractic school, Meghan met a doctor who performed muscle testing, detox, functional medicine and discovered she had a parasite and that was the reason her body was not functioning well. This discovery took Meghan’s love for nutrition and clean living to the next level.

In this episode, we will discuss the importance of starting with the basics and making changes in your everyday life.  Meghan shares her daily upgrades/non-negotiables to feel her best (nutrition, sleep, reasonable schedule). Meghan understands that making impactful changes in your life can be overwhelming.  She gives the following advice “Start with something small and realize it’s worth taking the extra time versus staying where you’re at because there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can feel better.  Our bodies were designed and created to heal.”

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