HINT: You have to schedule it! And, make it a priority!!

In this video, Kari will share her daily routine, giving you tips and ideas on how to feel relaxed on a daily basis!


Get up before everyone else:

Having that half hour or hour to be awake and refreshed before my house wakes up is crucial for me to feel refreshed in the morning. I have a more relaxed day because I’ve taken some time for me first before everyone else is giving me their to-do list:) I like to use balance and frank in the AM because they both have a grounding effect and it really sets a great tone for the day!

Diffusing first thing in the morning. Inhaling essential oils is truly so relaxing to me. I just simply do not feel as good nor am I in as good of a mood if I do not have a diffuser going!

I love doing yoga in the morning too!  It’s great for stretching your muscles and preparing your body for the day ahead!


Eat lunch without distraction/interruption

For me, that is not eating in front of the computer like I sometimes do…  Really trying to savor and enjoy what I’m eating! It’s much more satisfying and satiating that way!

Going for a mid-day walk is relaxing also.  Especially if I have been working at my desk for any length of time!

Sometimes I will also pick up the book I’ve been reading and spend 30 min on the couch reading


Sometimes there isn’t anything relaxing for a Mama between the hours of 4 and 6 pm. LOL!  But you can be as relaxed as possible with a few key tips ?

Try and get dinner ready so that you aren’t scrambling at the last minute.  A little prep ahead makes a world of difference!

Planning out your weekly meals is great or at least have an idea the night before what you will eat the next day.

Diffuse balance and wild orange!


Get the oils pumping in your kid’s bedrooms and on their footsies so that they can drift off to sleep soundly!

Then your relaxation time really begins!

Bath with Epsom salt

Face mask

Good book

Lemon water

Diffuser going with serenity 30 min before bed


Go get regular massages


Go shopping and buy yourself a little something nice

Go to lunch or a workout class with an inspiring friend