Healthy Habits That Are Foundational

I popped in for a surprise class and to share with you about how you can change so much of your health with a simple kit.  This collection is actually being featured at events around the country in April, May and June 2019! Check out this link to connect into one in your area.

As doTERRA moves into the next era of natural healthcare, the area of focus is going to shift to prevention and how
80% of your healthcare needs can be self managed so that the healthcare system can take care of the other 20% as it was intended.
You can learn more here about these holistic health care facilities doTERRA is opening where doctors are trained on the oils + tons of research!

Okay so, what’s included in this collection?

Lifelong Vitality Pack

Most people don’t know that doTERRAs top selling product is their Life Long Vitality Kit. This is a great product to start with because it can help with so many different things. A three-part supplement kit that has your vitamins, minerals, omegas, energy complex, antioxidants, and healthy fats. What you put in your body matters! Health starts by the way we choose to live! Learn more by watching the video below!

2 other awesome supplements

Terrazyme is another supplement I cannot live without. It is a digestive enzyme that helps break down and make the most of the food that you eat.  In turn, this helps with healthy bowel movements, bloating and also with your skin!

PB Assist is a probiotic that is double encapsulated that helps get through you the acid in your stomach and allow your body to use the probiotics. Probiotics are crucial for your not only your digestion to function properly, but they play a big role in your immunity as well!

5 Essential oils

I love the oils included in this brilliant kit! The top 5 essential oils to include in your daily routine.

  1. Frankincense–its a powerhouse! When in doubt, frankincense is the oil to use. This oil is highly anti-inflammatory, and also great for your skin such as those dark circles under your eyes and fine lines. Lavender is all things calming!
  2. Lavender– a great oil to use for skin issues, especially for burns. It is wonderful to diffuse or add some drops on your pillow at night to help experience a calming effect before bed. I also love to put 1 drop on each foot and rub in
  3. Lemon–so fresh and clean!  It is wonderful in your water in a stainless steel or glass container. Get that cleaning effect going on inside your body! It is also a great degreaser and is good to clean with
  4. Balance–  an instant grounding experience! It contains a blend of oils that helps bring oxygen to your cells and helps with circulation. This is not an internal oil, so diffusing or rubbing on the back of your neck or on your wrist is the way I love to use it!
  5. On Guard– the go-to oil for sickness in my home! I love to use it preventatively or when we aren’t feeling our best. Apply topically (diluted with some carrier oil), diffuse kill germs in the air or even put in in some water and gargle for that sore throat! It’s also brilliant to add to water to a spray bottle + 10 drops of on guard and use it to clean your entire home!

One awesome rub

Deep Blue Rub is a lotion that is amazing for sore joints, sore muscles or tension. Just rub it where it hurts!!!

Here is a handy usage guide that helps you incorporate everything I’ve covered

I need this collection in my life!

I thought you would feel the same way I do:) Here’s the lowdown- this is a brilliant way to get started in this lifestyle or continue in your wellness journey. If you are looking to invest in your health and do not currently have a membership with doTERRA- this is one of THE best ways to get started in that.

Only for April -June 2019:

As an enrollment kit: $158usd (reg price $220; saving $62usd)
For current customers: $148usd (reg price $185; saving $37usd)

If you have not yet set up your doTERRA account to get wholesale prices plus guidance from me.. what are you waiting for?!

Get started

One more thing…

Our wellness community will be collaborating on a Healthy Habits challenge in June. We will be guiding you through creating routine and habits around areas such as self-care, cleansing, sleep quality, managing stress, exercise, and nutrition. Special presentations, prizes, an eBook and more will be provided! More details to come in May!

Ways to participate:

If you are already a member of our wellness community, make sure you are in our private Facebook group, 

Watch for an event to be added soon! If you are not a current member with us, please reach out by emailing us at [email protected] so we can guide you in getting started!

Check out this short video to learn more on the challenge!