In everything I do, I believe in challenging our programing. I beleive in asking better questions.  I do this by looking at the habits we have in place, are they serving us?  With clarity in this, I help people upgrade their wellness to the next level– to truly honor the body God gave us?

Welcome! I am so glad you’ve found your way to this page. Let me introduce myself…

I’m Kari, co-founder/owner of a Natural shift, Pharmacist and Blue Diamond leader with doTERRA essential oils.  I lead a doTERRA community of almost 10k around the world. I am committed to living and modeling what I teach. With each day brings a challenge to move that needle another degree, it’s all in the habits we have daily. That is exactly what a Natural Shift Community is founded on. No matter how you found yourself here- our podcast, doTERRA, the community or a program that we run- I’m glad we have connected?

You see…

I have a dream. That we would all live more intentionally. That we would slow down a bit, question a little more and have confidence in making informed decisions for ourselves + our families.  To be truly empowered and make that shift – we need not only information but the tools to live in this way.  It’s the habits, those that we surround ourselves with and the tools that we have that make the biggest difference in our health. And a key component to this – is to feel part of a thriving + loving community, of people living the same lifestyle. All just trying to live the best life they can!

Over the past 15 years, I’ve spent time researching a different way of living. It’s always been important to me to take care of myself. So I would investigate, test (on myself/family), implement and repeat! My interest in health and that of others came from a need to serve. It’s become a conviction of mine.  That is exactly why I went through pharmacy school in the first place.

I believe in and am thankful for modern medicine, but quickly realized it was a very broken system. It was setup to serve 20% of our needs, while we took care of the other 80% through the way we invest in ourselves & health. But that model has actually been flipped… my mission is to flip it back! I knew i was meant for more??

Our family grew +1 beautiful daughter and that set off a real need within me to find another way. To clean our home, to be more preventative in our health and to have solutions for things that came up on the daily. Emotions, bug bites, congestion, hangnails, cuts and scrapes, you name it!

In came essential oils and the game was changed, forever. The light was flipped on. Since then, they have completely changed our lives in many ways, not only physically, but financially too.  They were this missing peice in what I now know are the 3 pillars of health: nutrition, movement, natural solutions. 

I now teach others how to do the same thing at whatever level they want to play!

What do I actually do?

My expertise?? for the past 6 years, I’ve helped others learn how to take care of & invest in themselves through simple self-care practices.

Who I work with?? those that are truly ready to make a shift. The willing AND the able. Anyone can benefit from taking small upgrades in their health and life, but there has to be the want!


✨mom’s who want a different way for their family

✨burnt out health professionals who want to serve others in a higher way

✨entrepreneurs who’ve forgotten how to take care of and invest in themselves

✨anyone who wants to build better health habits for themselves and their families.

All of this was built

one need at a time

And the most important need I started with, was myself. I walk the talk and will never bring forth something to others that I haven’t done and don’t do myself. Leading from the front is everything.

Following God’s lead every step of the way??

If any of this resonates with you

I’m always looking for the next person to serve

is that you? Let’s connect??

The oils?

The biz

The podcast?

The Community

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