The Level UP Detox

This detox is a step up from anything we’ve ever put together for you, thus the name Level UP Detox! This is for anyone that wants a true fresh start by opening up your detoxification pathways with a functional medicine detox, riding your body of toxins, and restoring energy. Benefits include Weight loss, improved liver function, improved digestion, lower inflammation, stronger immune system, improved sleep, and hormonal balance- and more!

The plan in a nutshell:

  • Week 1: Detox + purging toxins (Following Dr. Cabral’s 7-day detox protocol). Learn more here
  • Week 2 & 3: Whole food nutrition,  transitioning into ” real life”, forming habits and movement
  • 21 days of nutritional guidance
  • Whole food nutrition improves detox, lowers inflammation, burns body fat, balances blood sugar, and boosts energy
  • Tips to lower stress and improve sleep
  • Instruction for improving detox pathways
  • Mindset work for improved sleep and sanity
  • Daily tips and tricks via Instagram and Facebook
  • Access to Julie + Kari for individual questions
  • 41-page e-book -all of the details you need for the detox
  • Facebook group -private support for those going through the program

  • Access to Julie and Kari for individual questions

  • Nutritional, movement and healthy habit guidance

With a one-time fee of $27 you get lifetime access to the detox eBook, Facebook group, and our guidance with this program.

We will conduct this guided cleanse three per year but, you can do it anytime you feel the need.

We would love for you to join us on the next guided detox is April 12-May 2.

Watch this video to learn more!