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We are so excited to welcome you!

Here is how you join your sisters in this journey

Join the sisterhood, we weren’t meant to do this alone! Solid information, accountability and community is waiting:)

We will start by taking inventory of where you are. That way you are clear on where you are + where you are going!

This is not a quick fix, it’s a forever change. Let’s start the shift to a healthier you, we are better together!

Membership Includes??


It’s key in so many areas, Ephesians says: “ though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not easily broken” We are better together and we know that you will love our member community Facebook. It will give you the opportunity to interact with others on trainings and “real life” happenings.


You will receive training every month from the a Natural Shift community founders, leaders or special guests. This will take place in the form of live training webinars and recordings. Those that join in live have the opportunity to ask questions and interact with other members. 


Allowing you to focus on a specific topic that you want to  “upgrade” in a smaller setting. If you want more specific direction within one of the three pillars of health, this is a great place to start *coming soon* (member discount available)


We want to listen to YOU! If you need specialized help in a specific area of your health, this may be a good fit for you. We are all unique and while we keep that in mind with classes, sometimes you need individualized guidance! (member discounts available)