The phytoestrogen supplement is a must for me as far as hormonal balance goes!

dōTERRA Women Phytoestrogen Essential Complex is a blend of standardized plant phytoestrogens that support hormone balance gently and naturally. It also includes concentrated flax seed lignans to promote healthy metabolism.

Check out this info on phytoestrogen supplement from a hormone expert on the importance of Phytoestrogen:

  • So there are 3 kinds of estrogen:
    the kind our bodies produce (quiet kid on the playground)
  • phyto (or plant) estrogens (the hero on the playground)
  • xeno-estrogens (the bully on the playground) ie: Teflon, plastics, preservatives, additives.. the junk that are known as ‘hormone disruptors’.

“ I tell a story when I teach so that people can relate it to something else besides receptors and hormones. In this case, it’s kids on a playground. So, we have cells floating around in our bodies with ‘fingers’ (receptor sites) sticking out ‘looking for’ estrogen. They don’t care WHERE the estrogen comes from, just so that there is some form of it binding to the receptor sites. So our naturally produced estrogen is that very shy, quiet kid (it is not very strong) on the playground that would really like to bind with the ‘fingers’ (receptor sites) on the playground, but along comes the freaking bully (xeno-estrogens) and they are stronger than natural estrogen and they come in an push the shy kid off the playground fingers and take them over for themselves.

When xenos are metabolized we have that higher incidence of breast cancer, so it’s actually coming from the xenoestrogen metabolites, and these can also give the ‘estrogen dominance’ test results (Candida can also produce a false estrogen) So, what’s currently happening on our playground is the shy kid has been kicked out by the bully, well, lucky for that shy kid, there is a hero on the playground…yep, Phytoestrogen.

So, phytoestrogens (most commonly found in Soy-yeah, that’s another area where Americans have been misinformed…IMO), are ‘softer’ than natural estrogen, yet more powerful than xenoestrogens, and, in short, phytos come to the playground with a can of woop [email protected]# and protect the cells from xenoestrogens binding to the receptor sites, thereby assisting in protection from the harmful effects of xenoestrogens. And yes, men can take it, I also give it to my 7 year old daughter, and if I had a boy, I’d give it to him too. And, even though it’s name is phytoestrogen, it actually BALANCES estrogen & progesterone production, not give you more estrogen…remember, estrogen converts to progesterone OR testosterone.

So if the cell receptor sites aren’t able to receive a hormone (if they are blocked) the hypothalamus interprets that as the body needing MORE of a specific hormone & instructs the gland to keep making more, even when there is plenty floating around. Guys, I seriously could go on all day about this, then there’s the cholesterol issue, we MUST have cholesterol for hormones to communicate with the cells… So without getting to crazy, I hope that helps a little and doesn’t leave you MORE confused!”

so neat right?!