Project Description

Mexican Lasagna

Want a quick and easy weeknight supper that you can prepare in advance?? This is a recipe that the whole family will love and it’s so easy to put together! You can also make a double batch and freeze for dinner in a pinch. (just add 10 min to cook time)


– 1 pound ground beef
– 1 medium onion, diced
– Pinch of salt and ground black pepper while meat is cooking to season
– 1/2 cup homemade chicken broth or store-bought low-sodium chicken broth
– 10 tortillas, whole grain or gluten-free
– 1 10 ounces jar of salsa
– 2 cups of shredded mozzarella cheese
– 1 8-ounce container sour cream or 2% greek yogurt
– 2 4.5-ounce cans chopped green chiles


Preheat the oven to 375 and spray a 9×13 pan with cooking spray.

Brown the ground beef over medium-high heat, really let it get some good color on it before you put the onion in the pan to develop some flavor.  Add the onion, salt, and pepper. Sauté until onion is translucent, 3-4 min and set aside.

Pour the chicken broth in a large shallow dish and add the tortillas. Soak about 5 minutes; you want them soft but not mushy.

To start assembling, put one tortilla on the bottom of the dish. Layer as follows: spread about 2 tablespoons of sour cream on top of the tortilla. Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons chilies over the sour cream, followed by about 1/2 cup of the browned meat, 2 tablespoons salsa, and 1/3 cup shredded cheese. Top with a tortilla. Repeat to make 3 more layers of filling. Finish with a tortilla on top.  Spread the remaining salsa to cover the tortilla and sprinkle the cheese to cover the salsa.

Bake for 30 minutes, until hot and bubbling around the edges. Serves 6-8