Project Description

Slow Cooker Chicken and Homemade Stock

This is honestly the easiest and best “bang for your buck” and time-saving recipe around.  Oh, and did I mention delicious?


Whole Organic Chicken

2 carrots, cut in large pieces

1 onion, cut in large pieces

2 celery stalks , cut in large pieces

1 bay leaf

1 tsp salt


Place carrots, onion, celery, bay leaf in your slow cooker. Lay chicken on top and sprinkle with salt. Add enough water to submerge the chicken halfway. Set slow cooker to cook for 9 hours on low heat if the chicken is frozen and 6 hours if thawed. Reserve the liquid and strain out all vegetables and bay leaf and discard. I like to store in containers in the freezer for things like chicken noodle soup and pot pies!