We specialize in helping you take the upgrade in your health, leaving you feeling


with the support, knowledge and tools you need to make the shift!

a Natural Shift Community

Join a community of those who take the upgrade daily. Develop daily health habits that lead to real progress and lasting change  in your life so that you can live His purpose every day!

a Natural Shift Community is for those ready to take the upgrade in their health. Through creating a set of unique health habits, real progress and lasting change will happen. The 3 pillars: nutrition, movement and natural solutions will take your health full circle! 

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Essential Oils

Whether you are looking for a solution to a specific issue, or want to make the shift to a non-toxic way of life, we can empower you with the right tools.

  • Learn solutions for everyday issues
  • Develop a daily personalized routine
  • Connect with educational resources
  • Support your body with proper supplementation
  • Remove toxins from your home with natural cleaning options
  • Balance your hormones with natural alternatives
  • Fight sugar cravings
  • Join a group of like-minded people!
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Periodic cleansing is crucial to living your best life.
Come, take a pause + reset with us!

We offer 2 programs to fit your needs! Check them out below

7 day cleanse
30 day reset

We offer all of these services online, so whether you live in the middle GA area or across the globe, we’ve got you covered.

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