Aloha & Mahalo

Recently, I had the privilege of traveling to Hawaii as a part of the Blue and Presidential Summit with doTERRA essential oils. We had the unique opportunity to visit the 10,000 acre Hawaiian Sandalwood farm, Kealakekua Mountian Reserve,  recently purchased by doTERRA. It was such an amazing opportunity and such a special way that doTERRA is working to restore the land and the culture. The video explains a little more about the history and how the exploitation of this trade began, plus their efforts of restoration.

They have already planted 6, ooo new trees and by the end of 2019 they will have planted 15,000 . By 2020, over  50,000 new trees will be planted.  That is 550 acres of the 10,000 acres so this project is a longterm commitment!   It will eventually be the largest forest restoration in the states and eventually the world. I was humbled to plant a sandalwood tree and to be part of this amazing project!  It was a truly special, once in a lifetime opportunity. It will take 30 years for this tree to be able to produce Sandalwood essential oil. We will be able to monitor the growth of the tree via the ID tag that was placed beside it.  We had the chance to name them as well! 

The name my husband chose was after our daughter- “Queen Edy”. I chose a name with Hawaiian meaning- I’noa. It stands for “set free”.

Read more about that in this post

To be a part of this project and to partner with such an amazing company is a dream come true. God has a way of orchestrating things far greater than we can imagine!


To learn more about doTERRA’s other co-impact sourcing initiatives across the globe, check out this link.