We bring together women in the spirit of upgrading their health by educating, encouraging and walking along side them in their journey.

A sisterhood of christian women who prioritize their health to create more time and energy for the things that matter. 

Ever feel like you are alone in your challenges and

struggles while on this journey to better health??

Maybe the education + info was there, but the support and community was missing.

A safe place to ask questions, reach out, and be lifted up in prayer with other like minded women–

does something like that really exist?!

Yes,  it does! 

There is a group of women just like you who felt the same until they discovered the community- better known as “THE sisterhood”!

Solid information meets sisterhood

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What members are saying

 Kari and Julie, together with the other amazing ladies in the community, have helped me learn how to incorporate these tools, make healthy swaps in the kitchen, and take steps to put my goals into practice. Being able to reach out, ask questions, and pray with other like-minded people online has really helped me to feel part of a community that is greater than the limits of geography.

“The ladies at A Natural Shift have helped me to simplify things that I have always over-complicated. They have provided the knowledge, tools, and encouragement to help me make meaningful change in my health and my family’s health. They lead with empathy and love and have built a beautiful community of people who encourage each other to know better and do better.”


I love the daily encouragement, the worksheets and classes that Kari and Julie provide. I feel like I always have someone in my corner rooting for me to succeed, which is something that I need often to stay on track.


I recently joined the natural shift community, and if you think their free content is awesome, THIS is where it’s at. Godly sisterhood, hands-on tools and peer-to-peer encouragement all wrapped up in one! Kari and Juli are so dedicated to walking through the journey with us and troubleshooting roadblocks together. Thanks for this commitment to us!


As sisters, we realize how much we rely on each other for support in this journey.

And we want you to experience the same. 

Our personal health journey hasn’t been all smooth to say the least. We have encouraged each other when we needed it the most, in both high and low moments. We saw that this support + starting to introduce small, healty habits into our regular routines made the biggest difference.

We were amazed how these small, simple changes had such a dramatic impact on
our health. We started a Natural Shift Community to help you do the same.

Here’s how you can join your sisters in this journey

Join the sisterhood, we weren’t meant to do this alone! Solid information, accountability and community is waiting:)

We will start by taking inventory of where you are. That way you are clear on where you are + where you are going! 

This is not a quick fix, it’s a forever change. Let’s start the shift to a healthier you, we are better together! 

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It’s time to make your health a priority,

to take care of the body God gave you.

Join the sisterhood, we weren’t meant to do this alone! 

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