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As sisters and healthcare professionals, we are passionate about connecting you to the information + resources you need, all while meeting you where you are! 

This journey is ongoing and there is not one course, guide, etc. that will provide everything you need to know. You need support and community in this journey to lasting health- we know because we’ve been there. That’s why we want to invite you into the a Natural Shift Community!

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Julie and Kari SHOW UP to serve consistently and their encouragement, even through a screen, challenges me to show up for myself and my family well.


In my downtime, whether it’s first thing in the morning or later at night, I enjoy listening to A Natural Shift Podcast. With each episode, I learn something new or something I can totally relate to and apply it to my daily life. These ladies have answered every question I have ever had with complete honesty. I love them, but most importantly, I trust them! 🙂


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